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What complications may occur?


There is no medical treatment that is risk-free completely. Generally, laser-treatment is very low-risk. Hyper-pigmentation or lightening of the skin may occur temporarily. All these effects will disappear in a [...]

What complications may occur?2022-03-28T12:57:34-04:00

How many sessions are needed to remove a tattoo?


To destroy all of the pigments of ink several treatments are necessary. The exact number of treatments depends on several factors including the size, location, colour depth, density, or tone [...]

How many sessions are needed to remove a tattoo?2022-03-26T08:37:29-04:00

What is the course of treatment?


Once the distance holder of the laser handpiece is placed on the skin and the laser is activated via the foot switch, a light impulse is sent, resulting in a [...]

What is the course of treatment?2022-03-26T08:36:54-04:00

How does tattoo removal with lasers work?


Penetrating through the upper layer of the skin, the laser beam is absorbed by the tattoo’s colour particles. Due to these devices having high-energy laser pulses that last only nanoseconds, [...]

How does tattoo removal with lasers work?2022-03-26T08:35:56-04:00

Which tattoo colors can be removed?


Lasers break down black ink most readily. In contrast, green and yellow-based ink are the most difficult to remove. Due to the lower quantity and quality of the ink, amateur [...]

Which tattoo colors can be removed?2022-03-28T13:01:52-04:00