Laser Carbon Facials2022-03-30T10:46:54-04:00

Laser carbon facials can refresh and improve the look of your skin.

Carbon laser peel, or laser facial skin rejuvenation-charcoal scrubbing, is a procedure used for your face to smooth or lighten the skin colour, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and deep cleansing of the skin pores. The procedure is performed with the Studio laser. Special skin cream is applied to all problem areas of the skin, its surface, and skin pores during the procedure. This is suitable for both men and women, especially if the skin is oily and pores of the enlarged skin are affected.

What are the benefits of this procedure? Laser facial skin rejuvenation-charcoal can help:

  • Reduce and clean the size of the pores on the skin;
  • Brighten facial skin;
  • Removes impurities from your skin
  • Remove dead skin cells and unclogged pores;
  • Improve skin texture;
  • Improve acne scar condition, smooth skin color after acne;
  • Promote collagen and elastin production.

Studio Laser Advantages

The laser beam is distributed evenly, thanks to the advanced OPTIBEAM technology, preventing the effects from reaching the surrounding skin. The pulses of the Q-wave laser are very powerful and extremely short, lasting only a few nanoseconds. This allows grease and skin dirt to be extremely efficiently destroyed.

How It Works

At the Brantford Laser Clinic, we assist our clients to achieve the beautiful unblemished skin they’ve always wanted.

What special preparation is needed before the procedure?

To protect the surrounding skin, avoid ultraviolet light (solarium, phototherapy, sun,heat) for at least two months prior to the procedure. Professional skin scrubbing is recommended to be performed the same day before the treatment. Having both of skin treatments done the same day makes them even more effective.

After Treatment

  • Redness can appear following laser facial skin rejuvenation-coal scrubbing. This is completely normal and after a few days usually disappears.
  • It is recommended not to scratch any scabs if they form, they will fall off on their own.
  • Use sunscreen (SPF 50) if you are going to be outdoors for a long period of time. Do not visit the solarium and avoid direct sunlight.
  • ​Contact your doctor if you notice skin irritation or any other skin reactions not mentioned above.


Are there any side effects to the Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:45:10-04:00

No major complications from the Laser Carbon Facial Laser. It is extremely safe and you can resume your daily routine immediately following your first treatment. Post treatment side effects are very minimal with only slight redness and tingling for a few hours. Some individuals may experience mild outbreak the week following the treatment and temporary hair removal to the treated area can occur.

Are your Laser Carbon Facials safe?2022-03-28T12:39:55-04:00

Yes. Carbon Peels are effective and safe. Your therapist will advise you on if this treatment is suitable.

Can I have Laser Carbon Facials while pregnant or breastfeeding?2022-03-28T12:48:53-04:00

While pregnant or breastfeeding, Laser Carbon Facials are not recommended. Your doctor will advise you an alternative treatment for concerns regarding your skin condition.

Do Laser Carbon Facials hurt?2022-03-26T08:42:26-04:00

The Laser Carbon Facial is painless. You may feel slight tingling and warmth on the skin. That is completely normal since the thin layer of Carbon is being zapped away by the laser.

How many Laser Carbon Facials will I need to achieve my desired results?2022-03-26T08:48:22-04:00

Laser Carbon Facials produce superior results with a course of between two and six treatments. Between two and three weeks after final treatment to all regeneration or collagen and elastin of skin tissue. Effectiveness of the treatment depends on the individual and maintenance treatments are recommended after your initial course.

Only a doctor can choose the course of the procedure during the consultation since each patient has his or her own skin condition and expectations. It is recommended that at least 3 procedures are performed with intervals of no more than 1 month.

Is there anything I need to do prior to having a Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:43:42-04:00

Approximately two weeks prior to your Laser Carbon Facial you may have to use certain skin care to achieve the most effective and safest treatment possible. Inform your therapist if you have any allergies and ensure that you are using SPF 30+.

Is this procedure painful?2022-03-28T12:38:25-04:00

It’s hard to say, as each person’s pain threshold is different. Many patients claim they feel a mild tingling sensation during the procedure, similar to the poking from a small needle.

What are the contraindications to Laser Carbon Facials?2022-03-26T08:45:57-04:00

If you have connective tissue diseases, diabetes, are being treated for cancer, are pregnant or breastfeeding the Cabron Peel cannot be performed. See above for a more comprehensive listing of contraindications.

What is a Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-28T12:56:17-04:00

The Carbon Peel is a laser treatment that is completely painless with minimal-to-zero downtime. For those who have oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne on the face or body, or dull skin it is highly beneficial. Leaving your skin feeling firmer, softer and smoother, it is an excellent way to refresh and exfoliate your skin, providing an instant refreshed appearance. Applied to the skin, a layer of liquid carbon is applied, penetrating into the pores deeply. Carbon particles are highly attracted to laser light, destroying them as well as the oil, contaminants and dead skin cells.

What is the post care for the Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:44:09-04:00

Results appear after just one session, so there is no downtime following a Carbon Laser Peel. Depending on your desired results and skin condition, a course of treatments is recommended. For the first three days you will have slight sensitivity and from days four and five there may be mild flaking and possible dryness. Your skin will feel brighter, smoother and more even after one to two weeks. To give you the best results following your treatment, certain skin care may be recommended. To prevent damage to the new skin after your Laser Carbon Facial, it is vital that you use sun protection.

What part of my body can I treat with the Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:44:42-04:00

As skin problems can affect any part of the body, any affected area is safe to have the Laser Carbon peel applied.

What results will I get from the Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:40:35-04:00

After your first treatment, you will be surprised by an instant brightening of your skin. Your skin will feel smooth, soft, and renewed. The Laser Carbon Facial is great for improving uneven skin tone, pigmentation and congested skin which can develop for several reasons including inflammation, sun damage, hormonal changes, reaction to some medications and acne. You will notice a cleaner complexion, improvement in pore size, improvement in active acne, increased skin tone, and collagen and elastin stimulation.

When will I see results from my Laser Carbon Facial?2022-03-26T08:49:44-04:00

Instant brightening will surprise you immediately after your first treatment and your results will only progress as your course of treatment continues.

The treated skin will look red immediately following the procedure. A wound may develop, followed by a scab, in cases of larger facial pores or small pigmentation. Each patient has an individual healing period. It’s not possible to mechanically scrape off the crumbs formed for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Wash treated areas with cleaners or water. Your doctor will give you a comprehensive skin care strategy after the procedure.

Who is a suitable candidate for Laser Carbon Facials?2022-03-28T12:47:04-04:00

Carbon Laser Facial assists people with acne, dull or poor skin tone, wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, helps to lessen the premature signs or ageing and is suitable for both men and women.

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